What are the best employee tracking apps for iPhone that allow you to track staff activity and track time ?

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Sales staff shirking off? Employees snoozing in the storeroom? As much as you trust your employees, as a small-business proprietor or manager, these thoughts can pop into your head from time to time. Thankfully, it’s ‘s dead easy to keep tabs on which your employees do wherever you are by taking advantage of worker tracking apps for iPhone.

The dilemma of worker surveillance can be a tricky one. In the end, it goes without saying that workers don’t like to feel as if they’re being spied on. However, by using applications for time tracking, employee scheduling, and location tracking, you can ensure that your employees do the proper thing in the right place at the right time.

You could even take things a step farther and begin monitoring the conversations of your own workforce. In reality, 50 percent of company owners have said that they monitor employees conversations, or want that choice. Business chat apps like HipChat, Slack, and Yammer all have options that enable you to track internal messaging to some level.

The privacy problems that come into play when performing so are even more prickly. However, even if you’re not ready to go that much, you’re still able to use employee tracking apps for good. Studies have shown that over half of workers who employed GPS tracking apps had a good experience. The secret is to make sure your team trusts you.

Here, we’ve shared some of the ideal employee tracking apps for iPhone to track employees’ time, track their whereabouts, and be sure that they adhere to their programs.


VeriClock is an online timekeeping app that allows employees to clock in and from work using their mobile devices. You can even tell where they were if they clocked in and out using their GPS coordinates or IP addresses.

Staff members can clock in and out, leave detailed reports for admins, and track custom fields such as mileage when clocking in or out.

As a supervisor, it is possible to see real-time information of time worked by workers. You might even get GPS location information on where employees are versus where they’re now. You can even set up alarms for things like overtime, no-shows, job costings, and user error.


VeriClock fees a monthly account fee of $10, then $5 per active user per month. Optional add-ons will cost extra; you can figure out the cost to your own small company on VeriClock’s web site.


If you work with remote teams, then you understand how hard it is to keep tabs on which everybody ‘s doing. Hubstaff is a time tracking tool that combines screenshots, action levels, and comprehensive reports to assist virtual teams keep tabs on work for client projects. As a distant team manager, you’ll get a stronger sense of just how long is spent per project and just how much work employees do.

It allows workers to log their time to the second through GPS tracking – including time spent driving.

Managers can see precisely when staff members depart and track the time that they spend at each destination. Hubstaff also exhibits work logs to ensure as a manager, you can quickly see why somebody was late to a work site, or why they logged more time on particular days.


Hubstaff’s Solo Lite plan is free for one user. Its Basic plan costs $5 a month to get much more attributes, including worker payments and 24/7 support.

And its Premium plan prices $9 a month for all features on the fundamental plan plus automatic payroll, attendance scheduling, idle time management, and project budgets.


Every sheriff desires a deputy, and should you’re gunning for some time thieves in your business, Deputy is a practical app to get on your side. It automates the process of tracking time and attendance. It also lets you schedule workers easily. Since they could clock in from wherever they are, Deputy removes the requirement for manual time tracking tools.

The Deputy iPhone app lets you keep track of your team by visiting who’s on shift at this time and immediately substituting people who call in sick. There’s an Apple Watch version of Deputy that lets you see which workers are on shift at a given time.


Deputy’s Starter plan costs $2 per user each month when billed yearly. Its Premium plan costs only $3 per user per month (even when billed yearly ). It includes all features from the Starter plan, also time and attendance tracking with location capture and biometric facial recognition.

This plan costs $6 per user per month.

While I Work.

Need help managing your employees schedule to see if each worker should be on the clock? While I Work has a presence module to assist you make sure that workers clock in when they’re supposed to.

As a manager, you might even set up alerts to tell you when you’re near paying overtime.

While I Work is one of the prettiest employee tracking apps for iPhone. It gives you a very clear view of who’s functioning, also allows people to clock . It also has features for tracking time, managing payroll, and generating programs. After all that is set in stone, you can notify everybody via text and email.


While I Work Scheduler is liberated for teams of up to 75 workers. You can get in touch with them to get a price quote if your group exceeds that amount.

Housecall Pro.

Managing a field service performance could be a pain from the toolbox, particularly in case you’ve got a lot of technicians working for you. Fortunately, Housecall Pro was created to handle the entire company management process of a house or field services firm.

The Housecall Pro iPhone app boasts scheduling and dispatch characteristics that let you assign tasks to technicians in a few clicks. It contains GPS functionality that allows you program urgent work orders based on a technician’s proximity to a customer. It has live maps that show you where your employees are.


Housecall Pro’s Simple plan prices $39 a month for one user when billed yearly. This program ‘s attributes include dashboards with company stats, real-time dispatching, Google Calendar integration, and more.

That said, Housecall’s tracking features are available on its own Modern and Advanced plans, which respectively cost $109 and $199 a month when billed yearly. Employee tracking is only available on Housecall Pro’s Advanced https://aaaareview.com/reverse-phone-lookup plan, which also supports unlimited users.

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