Kinaad is a professional service finder that enables people to quickly search, find, discuss and hire a service provider in Cameroon to solve an urgent or regular problem. 

We live in a world where demand for services is growing at a geometric rate and the need to deliver quality services keeps growing. Kinaad is set up therefore to connect verified professionals to people across the national triangle and beyond. 

We provide targeted solutions to salient but neglected, popular but partially treated professional service queries on and out of the internet. Simply call us a professional service broker, project finisher

Our in-house services

  1. We can connect you with service providers

We got the network and trust. Just contact us, explain your problem and allow us to look for your solution. 

  1. We can write corporate content for you

We have a solid team of corporate communicators and digital marketers ready to write and tell the stories of your businesses and brands the right way to the world. Increase your customers and establish your brand. 

  1. We can manage and grow your online community

We have a team of community managers with exceptional experience in social media marketing and lead generation. We handle your social media channels to grow your customers/followers and increase the sales and visibility of your brand.

  1. We can handle your SEO and marketing strategy

We have a team of SEO experts  and digital marketing professionals ready to help your business visible on Google when customers search for your type of service.

  1. We can handle your corporate branding 

Our team is made up of excellent graphic designers, PR specialists, social media strategists to take your brand from zero to hero and from hero to legendary. Let us write your business brochures, magazines, design your social media pages, business flyers, logos, banners and boards.