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What is Kinaad?

Kinaad is a professional service finder that enables people to quickly search, find, discuss and hire a service provider in Cameroon to solve an urgent or regular problem. We provide targeted solutions to salient but neglected, popular but partially treated professional service queries on and out of the internet. Simply call us a professional service broker, project finisher.

  • Why use Kinaad?

    • Highly secured

      Our engineering and legal teams have put all security depositions to protect your usage and stay on the app and services from the creation of your accounts to the making of payments guaranteed.

    • Fast and cheap

      We understand how frustrated it is for you to be in an urgent need of a professional service and you don’t want to move around knowing how bad our roads are. KINAAD is here to assist you in time of need while spending less.

    • Highly connected

      The creators of KINAAD are made up of young and talented, old and experienced professionals in the domain of public and private administration, Corporate Communications, PR, law and digital business, etc. Their individual networks per say are full of trusted professional service providers in all domains.

    How Kinaad works?

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    • Enter your needs

      Get access to thousands of services by typing in your inquiry in the search section.

    • Select a service provider

      Choose the service provider that best meets your needs from the search results displayed.

    • Get your stuffs done

      Complete your order and get your work done faster at an affordable price.