I agree that Photoshop is currently superior to the Gimp for photographers for a number of compelling reasons, but I would say they are related to features rather than the user interface. The UI of both programs have their pluses and minuses. Adobe know this… so does every other large software co. that won’t release Linux versions. this is a Microsoft windows issue – The only pirated software is Windows Based software done by Windows users who don’t want to pay for Photoshop etc. The biggest music pirating is done by Windows users. Keep in mind that they have ported Acrobat reader and flash to linux.

Asking me to get off my a$$ and code drivers for this baby is what I consider elitist and a very unreasonable demand on the end user. It’s one thing that gives GNU/Linux zealots a very bad name in the real world. I am a serious photographer so I cannot help but comment on the claim that GNU Linux is not useful for serious photographers. Professional photographic workflow software exists that runs on GNU Linux, e.g.

It’s because they know hardly anyone would buy it. Many poeople may tell Adobe they would want to USE Photoshop on Linux, but how many people would actually BUY Photoshop if it was released for Linux? People who use Linux, where everything is free, would just crack a trial version and be knowledgeable enough to stop any product activation from ‘phoning home’.

More than likely that will be an XP driver that doesn’t work with Vista, so forget about upgrades. In 2002 most linux distros had a lot of problems with a lot of hardware. I installed first BSD in 94-95′ and first linux in 96′. This package is already installed but it does NOT work with my chipset. The 1390 card is pretty new, not sure if it works out of the box with the bcm43xx. The reason for not having the firmware is ofcourse that broadcom does not allow for the firmware to be distributed with linux distros. Most of the time I just adjust my ssh port to a non standard port and use encryption and compression to move or secure copy files.

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I don’t mind the GIMP, but it’s simply not intuitive, and it doesn’t let me do the things that I need to do, as a photographer. If Adobe ports to Linux, and the other pieces of software that I rely on are ported, I’d switch back in an instant. Early in 2006 I needed to make a distinction – stay with Linux and be hampered as a photographer, or move back to Windows and grow as a photographer. I’ve done my bit, I’ve asked for them to support GNU/Linux. I can ask, but that doesn’t mean I’ll get what I want. If it makes you feel a bit better, an engineer at Canon Australia told me that they’re looking to natively support Canon cameras in the near future for Linux.

Often windows users are just used to the windows way, so when they see the linux way, it confuses them – even though the linux way is often superior. Mint Linux is just Ubuntu with features that 99% of users will want, such as the simple ability to play MP3 files. If Beagle search is enabled by default, or as easy as installing some software, I’ll give Feisty a try, it looks very very cool. I tried linux for many, many years, always reverting back to windows , but it gets always more entriguing. In fact I think there’s a package known as “envy” which delivers some failsafe X features for NVidia binary driver installations. Eugenia had to hack config files before she could install the OS which means she had to know which config file and how to hack it.

Ubuntu does an extremely good job of recognizing McSoft networks. They can just automate the creation of the diffs. Instead of people downloading a few 100kB diffs, they’ll download a megabyte of diffs, perhaps? Better than 4-5MB every time I run apt-get update. No offense to the Kubuntu team, but the last time I installed Kubuntu , things were confusing, I had crashes (kicker, I think?) even after applying the updates and the polish left a lot to be desired. Those three points are no fault of Ubuntu nor Linux, but rather are the fault of the OEM software vendors for not writing a Linux version.

I personally have three or four video cards that have had to be scrapped for no other reason than video drivers were no longer available for Windows, because the card was out of production . In this case, you are talking about an ordinary user installing the OS. Even if they did know about it all, they wouldn’t be able to find the CD that came with the video card, and they probably wouldn’t even know that the computer even had a video card. Something that is guaranteed to start up in graphics mode, even when all options fail, so users at least see something familiar. 99% of consumers do not require the nifty networking features of X.org to do work. A new install of Windows is likely to be 640×480 VGA 16 colours no 3D, because Windows doesn’t have the video card driver at all. You have to find the CD that comes with your video card to get a driver.

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  • This file is only for use with the models identified.
  • Unless stated otherwise, the file listed below must be installed BEFORE the Qualcomm® Wireless HS-USB Modem 9222 Driver in order for it to work properly.
  • WAIT – Read the Required Files section before downloading this file.

I’d love Adobe to port Photoshop, and I honestly don’t think that it’d be that hard for them. If they can get it running on OS X, then they can it with Linux as well. You could have a million emails go to Adobe, requesting that Photoshop be ported, in the end, they won’t do it unless they feel that they have to. Photoshop is their baby, and they’ll do what they please. Until Linux has an equally powerful, and usable Photo editing/imaging application, there’ll be no pressure on Adobe to port. An operating system has to do what I need it to do.

Whilst this is good, and offers choice to the user, the downside is that it doesn’t encourage software vendors to port their software to Linux. I have a Windows based PC, which is what I primarily use these days because Photoshop and Neat Image are Windows versions (I didn’t have a Mac at the time of buying both software pieces). I love the hp deskjet 3050 driver Mac (older PowerMac G4 1ghz running 10.3.8), but until I have Mac versions of my software I won’t switch totally. SMB is all fine and good for Windows users, but you’re in Linux-land now. Lack of ability to share files over NFS in a default install is quite ridiculous. Until Fedora 7 final comes out, I decided to install Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Herd 5 on my brand new Core 2 Duo Acer laptop and ran into an immediate problem with the screen resolution.